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Conference Programme

Conference Programme

25 Sep 2019
  1. Learn about both the strategic building blocks required to drive lasting customer centricity as well as the basic fundamental levels of service and experience expected by consumers.
  2. Disrupting within your own organisation and sector in order to build loyalty.
  3. Practical tips on how to deliver the joined up experience expected by consumers.
  4. How to keep your existing customers happy while creating a proposition that attracts new customers.
  5. How the UK's leading zoo has created a mission-focused culture across the organisation with empowered colleagues all pulling in the same direction to drive visitor satisfaction and engagement.
  6. Learn about the building blocks required to deliver a brand with purpose and differentiation.
  7. TBC
  8. Understand the role of different social media channels and how to leverage each drive commercial outcomes and expected levels of service.
  9. The drivers and process for successfully transforming your culture to one that drives customer centricity.
26 Sep 2019
  1. No one size fits all. Learn how data has driven insight to create a competitive advantage within one of retail's most competitive categories.
  2. How to effectively engage with staff on the front line and the ideas they can generate that can fundamentally improve the sales and profitability of a business.
  3. How to transform existing teams and capabilities while focusing everyone on the metrics that matter.
  4. Understand where the key barriers are on the customers path to purchase and what can be done to remove these and deliver a frictionless experience for customers.
  5. How to transform a legacy business with a lack of customer focus to one where customer insight and delivering first class customer experiences are at the heart of all we do.
  6. Great customer experience doesn't require expensive technology solutions or over engineered processes. Learn how to deliver great service through great people and effective customer engagement.
  7. The biggest shift in consumer behaviour and expectations is around the environment and the impact of fast fashion, packaging and other elements. Learn how to create a socially responsible business.
  8. Findings from Clearpay's white paper on millenials.

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